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"Those eyes, those eyes [could] make me do most anything they
want me to do" ~ Conway Twitty

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BBC Report About Leslie Howard's Death

[BBC Report of Leslie Howard's Death] On Saturday, July 30, I posted on Facebook the 2014 BBC report on Leslie Howard's Death ...

My Goals

Here's what I hope to accomplish:

  • Wikipedia Film and Theatre Pages:
         1. Update Infobox Sections with movie/theatre posters and
             missing information.
         2. Expand narrative in Opening Sections.
         3. Add Plot Sections with photos.
         4. Add and/or expand Cast Sections. Add narrative if appropriate.
         5. Add Production Sections with subsections for:
             • Casting notes
             • Screenplay notes
             • Filming notes
             • Music notes
             • Gallery
          6. Add and/or expand Release Sections with subsections for:
              • Preview and Premiere information
              • Subsequest Releases
              • Remakes       
          7. Add Reception Sections with subsections for:

              • Critical response (magazine and newspaper reviews)
              • Awards
              • Audience response
              • Industry recognition
           8. Analysis
           9. Legacy
               • Popular culture
               • Sequels
         10. References:
                • Explanatory notes
                • Citations
                • Bibliography/Further reading
                • External Links: Add links to,, AFI
                   Catalog of Feature Films, BFI Screen Online and TCM.
  • Media History Digital Library (MHDL): Finish indexing publications/issues and referencing copies of articles to appropriate Pages.
  • Posts and Pages: Add links and references to previously created Posts and Pages.
  • Leslie Howard Biography: Finish writing.
  • Pinterest Pages: Remove existing photos and replace with links to Blog after completion of screen still, gif and clip capture.
  • Movie Pages: Finish adding articles, photos, gifs and clips. Change section to match chronology and alphabetical type sections akin to Theatre Pages Section.
  • Theatre Pages: Finish adding articles, photos, gifs and clips. Add Wikipedia references for plays and theatres. Add known out-of-town tryouts to theatre pages found in newspaper theatre notices.
  • Chronology: Link dates found in newspaper theatre notices to chronology and add out-of-town tryouts to chronology.
  • His Thoughts and Writings Pages: Finish adding articles. Add photos, gifs and clips of interest.
  • YouTube: Add links.
  • Theatricalia: Add missing performances.
  • Radio: Add separate pages to radio section for individual radio performances akin to Theatre Pages Section.

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