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"Those eyes, those eyes [could] make me do most anything they
want me to do" ~ Conway Twitty

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BBC Report About Leslie Howard's Death

[BBC Report of Leslie Howard's Death] On Saturday, July 30, I posted on Facebook the 2014 BBC report on Leslie Howard's Death ...

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Note: Editions (months) are added as they are reviewed. If an edition is missing it does not necessarily mean it doesn't exist.


May 1934 (Pg 5)
Nov 1934 (Pg 5)
Dec 1934 (Pg 98)


Jan 1935 (Pg 196)
Feb 1935 (Pg 291)
Mar 1935 (Pg 393)
Apr 1935 (Pg 495)
Oct 1935 (Pg 488)

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